how things work.


seeing firsthand how things work –

up close and personal style.


“i always want to know how things work.

had i been aladdin, i am certain that just after one wish or two,

i’d have taken that old lamp apart

to see if I could make another, better lamp.”

-walter p. chrysler

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  1. Our three-year-old grandchild (named Jad, like the fellow on RadioLab) yesterday said at the San Carlos Air Museum, “Let’s not go in, Grandma. I’m too tired.”

    Grandma said, “Let’s just take a peek.”

    (The boy’s father likes to fly and takes the kids along with him. Jad has the whole routine with the headphones, etc., down pat.)

    The two went inside and Jad’s eyes grew big. They spent a couple of hours with him “piloting” the airplanes, including a 747, and her being the passenger.

    Totally engaged. So much better than being planted in front of a flat screen.



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