that moment when you realize

after you’ve laid out 

and built the frame 

of a large detailed 1,000 piece puzzle

that you may have assembled

the perfectly symmetrical framing

upside down

with no way now to turn it without breaking it

due to the limited table size dimensions

(damn math)

and might likely have to build the whole thing upside down.

“the art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.”

-douglas horton

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  1. You can only turn the table. I have a rolling mat and also a big sturdy puzzle mat with cover , so I can take it off the table and put it under the sofa when we eat. This is what you need really. Looks like a great puzzle.

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  2. some zen masters turn all the pieces upside down (blank side up). then they contemplate the pieces without actually putting them together, because once they know every piece and have assembled them together in their mind, there is no reason to do more.


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  3. I found “The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity” attributed to Douglas Horton on many websites, but not one gives a specific source like an article, a book, or a speech. In the past, when I’ve pursued a quotation attributed to a person with no further source, the attribution has usually turned out to be unfounded. Are you aware of any further information about this quotation?

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  4. Oh, darn it! 🤔 Last winter my grandies and I did this but not on a tall table, I used a poster board and it was able to be lifted to the kitchen table. We could be on both sides of the coffee table and upside down wasn’t too awful position. . . . Crossing my fingers, Beth. 🎈

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