on president’s day.


“without debate, without criticism

no administration and no country can succeed

and no republic can survive.”

― john f. kennedy



photo credit: national archives

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. The sentiment of the quote rings true today as it did so many years ago. I respect the office of the President of the United States. We had some good ones and we had others from both parties.

    However, one thing was true about all of them, they were only men. Everyone had a good side and bad. Everyone was great at somethings and lacking in others, just like all of us. There was one difference they were our leader and needed to be held to the highest standards.

    Many proved to be good leaders. I appreciate this post today it really made me stop and think about what the day means.

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  3. I guess when he said that, JFK didn’t know that criticism is fake news. And just for the record, I predate Presidents Day. For me it’s just an unwanted conflation of Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays. The other presidents don’t count.

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  4. Oh dear a special day for Presidents. I’m pretty sure the current holder of the title imagines every day is about him.
    But maybe it also signals hope as you remember the many who have come and gone before? No one lives forever.

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  5. I loved JFK and wished his legacy had been totally clear. . . We will never know what might have been!
    Happy President’s Day “month,” Beth!!🇺🇸
    Every one is human but flaws have been displayed in history books. I liked this quote! Thanks! 🙂

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