for my father, one of the original mad men


one more time on what would have been my father’s birthday –

I didn't have my glasses on....

today is my father’s birthday and he’s gone now, but never forgotten.and whenever i see the show, ‘mad men’, i think of him. the look, the feel, the era – that was our life growing up. we lived in the twirly, swirling world of advertising. 


my dad, in the left forefront, in a very important lunch meeting

 we had cocktail parties at our suburban detroit house, hosting automotive clients and friends and all sorts of interesting characters. there were martinis and dresses and canapés and jazz and laughs long into the night. i once saw him put on a horrible wig and wear it like nothing was unusual, just to get a reaction. we would sneak down in our pajamas and sit on the stairs, just to be a part of all the hullabaloo.  

on regular nights, we were always pitching ideas to him around the dinner table and suggesting…

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  1. Our dad’s were larger than life – my dad couldn’t fix anything, either. But he worked hard and was always on the move. Thanks for taking me back to the 60s and growing up, even for an instant. Peace and Happy Birthday to your dad.

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  2. Love this. That photo! My Dad is still alive at 88 and (after years of fighting and estrangement) we’re getting along again. He was a documentary film-maker and director. I am very much my father’s daughter! Stubborn and forever curious.

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