grandie creates his quilt

stitching fabrics of his choosing

that he’s learned to sew upon

this machine that he is using.

 his ukulele sits nearby

waiting for some play

as the sled stands outside

with hopes of snowy day.

“the class of your performance is built on the grade of your skills.”
― wesam fawzi

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  1. This young man is going to be a “Renaissance Man,” Beth! My brother Randy sews and used to play a trumpet and cornet. Of course, I hope your quilting, ukelele playing grandie will always be happy, productive and be writing a zen-like book someday! 🌈 🙂

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    • i was thinking the same thing, robin. so good to know about randy, he has always seemed like this kind of guy from the way you’ve described him and his projects )


  2. He is clearly a Creative – on many fronts. My hubby used to sew, he actually made our first fashionable pairs of corduroy pants. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he handed me a perfect pair brick-colored, boot-cut pants.

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