and along came olive.


tiny olive

with green eyes of two different colors

just six pounds never to grow any bigger

came into my life

quite unexpectedly 

found in the caboose of a train

a teenage mother

rescued by kind humans


soon to move

into to my home and family

with patience and time and space
in the little cottage
olive the cat not the oil
so sweet and playful
glenn frey the cat not the rocker
so reserved and timid
and they soon found a way
to peacefully co-exist
watching the world go by together.
“peace puts forth her olive everywhere”
-william shakespeare

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  1. Is the sign in the yard a reminder for them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we ALL could learn to pout aside our differences and work together? Have a wonderful day. When is Spring Break for you and your kiddos?

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    • no, she was found with her kittens and they all have found homes. i loved the old fashioned name, and she will always stay tiny, like a little olive. my grandson gave her the middle name of athena, the goddess of olives, so her name is really full of meaning. i think she and glenn will be great friends.


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