i loved this grassroots campaigner 

and his simple old-school way to reach the people

no glitz, no glam, no sound bites

just two young volunteers helping him

a speaker playing music

 food and drink handed out for free

 petitions passed around and signed

hands shaken

  questions answered

face to face

good to see a real person. 


“the little grassroots people can change this world.”

 wangari maathai

 – kenyan politcal activist, awarded the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for her

“contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace”.

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  1. I never saw a scene like this when I lived in CA, but now in New England, it’s amazing how many people stand outside of Town Hall in their many wintry layers, freezing wind whipping into their eyes, but they hold their campaign posters with smiles and waves. Cars whiz by honking their support. I honk just because I’m so impressed that they’re out there.

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  3. What a wonderful post! And your appreciation for that which is good, and authentic. I admire your faithfulness and consistency as a blogger: two attributes I lack severely. But, you do insipire to write … So, I try to stay in the blogosphere. Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

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    • thanks, i’m so glad that you enjoyed it. i was struck by his style, unassuming, casual, one of the people. no worries about the frequency of your writing, it’s the quality that matters and you always deliver. – best


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