mixed feelings

when walking inside from another round of snow

and being greeted by a 4th of july display

at least i have my sandals on 

with my long down coat

and i am ready for anything.

“there are certain odd times and occasions

in this strange mixed affair we call life

when a man takes his whole universe for a vast practical joke.”

-herman melville

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  1. Love your poem – ready for anything. We are the same here that as soon as one festivity is over the shops are ready for the next. If there was nothing between Easter and Christmas they’d be selling Christmas stuff already. Perhaps they are as many here celebrate Christmas in July (just so it can be done in the cold).

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  2. That IS mixed. Still snowing here and lots more expected by tomorrow evening. Arrgh. Though I haven’t seen anything for July 4 yet. Don’t we have to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Days first?

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