find it?


due to my utter lack of any sense of direction

i am always a bit shocked

when someone asks me how to get somewhere

and i do wonder….

“you’ll get lost and then you’ll find it.” 

-mark darrah, ‘a catalogue of common people’





image credit: purple clover

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  1. You referred to “that old familiar feeling” when suddenly you had no idea where you were. Who pulls into a factory parking lot expecting to find a sushi restaurant. I know.

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  2. Not all who wander are lost 🙂 When you have nowhere to get to, you never need direction. Of course, when you’re traveling with kids, it’s all about the destination and making the journey as short as possible.

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  3. Oh you one of those… 😉 I tend to bump in to a lot of people where I live (Middle East) that gladly answers and points the way of directions even though they have no clue. They are just being “polite”…

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