pack rat.


happy national pack rat day – may 17th

There’s a fine line between holding on to nostalgia, and being a serious contendor for an episode of Hoarders. But just for a day, you are permitted to openly cherish the growing stack of Signals catalogs piling up in your basement sans any judgment of concerned family and friends. Who knows? Maybe your Beanie Babies will become collectibles again, and the joke will be on us.

and 2 very different philosophies from 2 very creative geniuses on this subject: 


“i want to lead the victorian life, surrounded by exquisite clutter.”

-freddie mercury

“out of clutter, find simplicity.”

-albert einstein


team freddie or team albert?



credits:  stanford university (image),  mental floss

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  1. Definitely team Freddie! I inherited the hoarding genes so it’s my family’s fault, not mine. Having shifted the blame onto my ancestors, I can live with a free conscience. However, every now and then I make a supreme effort and let go of a lot of things, but somehow I still manage to collect other things in their place…

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  2. I had the opportunity (not really a pleasure) to clear out the home of my mother & later a dear older friend. I do not want my children to do that for me! While I do collect some (many?) things that might be needed later, I am actively going through and trying to donate, give, sell other items. The secret fear is that I will want/need something that was disposed of – oh, no!
    Actually it is quite freeing.

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    • hi susan. i have gone through exactly the same thing. the main reason people don’t get rid of things is the very reason you stated and research shows….that 99 percent of those things you will never need and if you do, can probably be replaced somehow. ps. have you heard of this book that deals with this very subject, it is supposed to be outstanding –

      The Gentle Art Of Swedish Death Cleaning : : How To Free Yourself And Your Family From A Lifetime Of Clutter
      Magnusson, Margareta (Artist), illustrator.


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