when danger knocks.


World Refugee Day 

In a world where violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day, the time is now to show that the global public stands with refugees. On World Refugee Day, held every year on June 20th, the United Nations commemorates the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees. This year, World Refugee Day also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee and to stand for their right to stay together as a family unit.

“it is the obligation of every person born in a safer room

to open the door when someone in danger knocks.”

— dina nayeri


credits: american relief fund, save the children, united nations

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  1. A period of mass migrations around the world.
    Easy to get emotional. Easy to spend other people’s money. To speak about that which is not actually experienced in person.
    Not to easy to stabilize a place so residents do not have to run for their lives. Not so easy to make people play nice together. Not so easy to say this is right and this is wrong. Chaos the only possible result.
    Live and let live – such a simple concept but if only the sheep and the lions could agree to that.
    No ease with no answers

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  2. YES. Thank you for sharing this, Beth. As John Coyote said, most of us were once immigrants — and through the vagaries of fate, any one of us could be a refugee, too.

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