happy birthday paul mccartney

and thinking back to when i announced

in no uncertain terms

that my sisters’ choices of favorite bands:

the beatles and the doors

were stupid bands that would never last

and were nowhere near the level of greatness

of my favorite band

the monkees

they really should have listened to me

i know pure talent when i see it.

“most bands don’t work out.

a small unit democracy is very, very difficult. very, very difficult.”

-bruce springsteen



image credits: apple records, elekrtra records, rhino records

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  1. On the way to work yesterday the local DJ’s were talking about Sir Paul’s birthday. One of them had read an article that described him as “Kanye’s guitar player” and “lead singer of Wings”. The DJ’s were a bit shocked that some of ‘today’s’ peoples would reduce his career to those 2 things!!!!

    Happy Birthday Sir Paul!!!!

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  2. The Doors were one of my favourite bands but I’m not sure how well they are remembered now: hope I’m wrong. Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, ” Dolenz described the Monkees as initially being “a TV show about an imaginary bandโ€ฆ that wanted to be the Beatles that was never successful”

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  3. Beth, I live in thoroughbred horse country, so when it comes to picking successful bands, I think an equine analogy fits. There are lots and lots of horses with heart, talent, and energy. But, very few win the Kentucky Derby. ~James

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