coffee talk.


nothing like waking up early

 sipping a warm cup of strong coffee

 chewing on something that seems like a berry

 your brain catching up

and wondering

why there is a berry in your cup

because you don’t normally

add berries to your coffee

and you spit it out

only to discover

that it was really a random giant ant not a berry

who climbed into your cup

in the time it took you to walk out of the room and back

and you have unwittingly shared your coffee with him

and he, with you.

“it is not enough to be busy. so are the ants. the question is: what are we busy about?”

-henry david thoreau

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  1. Uninvited guests are seldom welcome, and ants, as we know, have very limited conversational abilities and possibly lack the ability to swim so the kindness shown by your sucking it out of that heated liquid where they were on the verge of drowning and then spitting it out onto a safer terrain where it could recover his composure before resuming his duties will always be appreciated I am sure 🙂

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  2. I’ve shared some coffee with the stink bugs we have here. They don’t make a stink unless they feel a need to defend themselves. For some reason, they apparently felt a need to defend themselves against my coffee.

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