summer’s quiet.


came upon this peaceful man 

sleepy with quiet thoughts

on a quiet noon

spent in bandamer park

ann arbor, mi. usa


“summer quiet thoughts on summer quiet noons.” 

-ray bradbury, now and forever


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  1. Wonderful. You and Roethke (same):

    A light song comes from the leaves.
    A slow sigh says yes. And light sighs;
    A low voice, summer-sad.

    — Theodore Roethke, from section 5 of “Unfold! Unfold!” Words of the Wind: The Collected Verse of Theodore Roethke (Indiana University Press, 1964)

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  2. Hello I love this!
    I wanted to share this post but something strange has changed on WordPress. Previously I could reblog you with no problem. Now it will not let me. Now it says I am not following you. When I try to refollow you it denies me access. Some rules chagned somewhere and I don’t know how to correct it. 😦 Douglas

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