ancient wisdom.


some ancient wisdom in a parisian bookshop.








image credit: open homes open hands us

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  1. Actually, thinking about it, I would question this piece of ‘wisdom’

    I wholeheartedly agree with the admonition to be hospitable to strangers but disagree with the second part

    The first part should stand on its own

    we should be hospitable to strangers because it is the right thing to do

    Our decision whether or not to be hospitable to strangers should not be determined by any thought of self interest, e.g., the possibility that there may be angels amongst the strangers who will judge us by our actions and reward or punish us accordingly

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  2. I knew instantly that it was Shakespeare & Company. I first visited there in 2006 and had the honor of having copies of my first poetry collection placed in Poet’s Corner. I have blogged more than one post of this amazing shop.

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