in line.


sweet kinder spends her free choice time playing with the doll house.

when i stop over for a visit and ask why all the people are facing one way

she tells me they are waiting in line for the one bathroom.

(if you look closely, all the way to the right,

you’ll see the one toilet with someone sitting on it,

as well as a chef serving food out of a window,

and more people and animals scattered around downstairs)

what an amazing real world scenario.

how can i not love every single day of my job?

‘waiting in line is a great opportunity to meet people, daydream, or play.’

-patch adams

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  1. At first I thought the scene was so lifelike that there were pants bunched down at the feet of the toilet user, Beth, but upon closer look it appears to be a stuffed animal of some sort. In any case, wow, what a realist view this kinder cooked up.

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  2. So funny–and true, if you’ve ever been to an event where this happened. 🙂

    My girls loved their various dollhouses.
    I thought of the Masterpiece “The Miniaturist,” too. I guess I liked it more than the commenter above.

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