no real boundaries in a parade.


this family of turkeys behind the line at the parade

may or may not realize 

that they have actually become a part of the parade.


“in general, costumes are the first thing in life

that let other people know who we are.

they indicate who the person is without saying anything.”

-molly parker





at the 2018 macy’s thanksgiving day parade – new york, ny, usa

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  1. Last year we all ran a Turkey Trot (me, daughter, son-in-law, two friends, sister-in-law) and no one in the 900+ runners/walkers wore a costume except my studious quiet serious son-in-law (a lawyer). He wore a turkey costume from head to toe. So much fun, dozens of people asked to take their photos with him; we’re still scratching our heads over it though…. 🙂

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