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  1. Ok….it’s funny but I’ve been talking to one of my blog friends about the limited series Dirty John, and we were talking about how some people never learn no matter how many times they make the same mistake. So I guess I’ve learned that eventually I learn when a situation is bad for me

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  2. How to say I’m sorry, how to say thank you, how simple kindness is ginormous in everyone’s life, how to be quiet, things are never as important as people or time, and that I am never done learning. (There’s more but it’s early and I’m sweating on a bike!)

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  3. By time time you reach my vast age, and i really hope you do, you have probably forgotten most things you ever learned. Possible exceptions being always wear clean undies, don’t get into strange men’s cars, look both ways and remember what is said cannot be unsaid. But Im still learning new things every day while I grow younger.

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