when dropping off donations

at the local salvation army

i was met by

friendly, happy workers

  who have struggled

 had challenges in their lives

listening to opera music

it clearly brought a lot of joy to them

 there was no way to avoid

getting taken in by the music.

“everybody is always in the middle of their own opera.”

-greta gerwig

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  1. How wonderful. I sang with the Hawaii Opera Theater (HOT) for 2 years, and the Washington National Opera (WNO) for 12 years. I always got 2 free tickets to the dress rehearsals, but it was often hard to find anyone who wanted to come listen to opera. One year, I gave 2 tickets to friends I worked with. After the opera, I asked them how they liked it–and one of them said, “It was Ok, but there was too much singing.” 🙂

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