get ahead.


“libraries literally aren’t just places to obtain books for free.

they’re one of the few public spaces left in our society

where you’re allowed to exist without spending any money.”

-a. killian





image credit: ala (american library archives poster, circa 1921)

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  1. I love this. I went to the library earlier this week and I spent about an hour just walking up and down the aisles. I ended up checking out 6 books and I talked to a wonderful older gentlemen who was looking at books right next to me. He was offering me suggestions on books in the same subject. We are lucky around here to have so many good public libraries.

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  2. For as open as public libraries are, I’ve been saddened by how locked down they are in the public schools where I’ve volunteered. The library has become Fort Knox, a stale, empty environment where kids are eyed suspiciously from the moment they enter. I can remember leaving lunch early as a kid and finding a sunny, quiet corner in our school’s library to read Nancy Drew mysteries. I didn’t need a pass, a reason or a secret handshake..I just had to be quiet.

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  3. A number of years ago our county put a special assessment on the ballots for a specific library tax added to property taxes. It actually passed!! This has really helped the libraries procure new materials and greatly expand their hours. I feel lucky to have access to all their wonderful resources. I’m going to pick up some holds today! πŸ“š

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  4. Yes, though I have read several articles lately lamenting the number of homeless people spending their days in the library. These articles seem to feel that this public space is, in fact, not that public.

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      • Definitely safe and warm. Since there are shelters, I guess it is also less restrictive and seemingly more independent.
        The article stated that the staff had to undertake training–learning to be a human being must have some requirements.
        I make light, but I guess, in fact, it is tough for everyone.

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