joy, love, peace.


May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace.


yuàn xīnnián wèi nín dàilàái kuàilè, yǒu’ài hé níngjìng.

what would bring you joy, love, or peace in the new year?









image credit: freepik

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  1. A little more understanding, a little more patience, a little more humor, a little more compassion, a little more peace. I think if these things happened they would start to cycle through again and again. Creating a fantastic movement that built on it’s self.

    Happy Chinese New Year Beth!

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  2. i truly wish that everybody wakes up tomorrow and cares about animals as much as I do…starting with pigs…go vegan…adopt a shelter pet…advocate for animal welfare…watch the NATURE series on PBS, etc. bless the beasts and the children and let there be peace on earth for all!

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