where hobbies, hijinks, and capers go bad = my childhood #9


another summer’s day

after a year or so of middle school

with too much time on our hands

trying to act grown up

 we decided that

we’d lounge around

on the back patio

grill up some food

have some lemonade

do nothing

sit around, eat, talk, be lazy.

but when the fire on our hibachi

somehow got too big

we did the obvious thing

threw it into the hedge

and yes, there was some collateral damage

and no, we didn’t think they’d notice

but actually, they did 

and no, it didn’t end well

and yes, our day of lounging ended rather abruptly.

 “the grass is always greener around the fire hydrant.”

-jeff rich


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  1. Reminds me of the time my stepbrothers gathered up the empties and rash-parents-out-of-town-party litter and threw the bag into the swamp behind the house. My father pulled it back out. Confrontations followed. My stepmother’s retort was, “What kind of kid were you that you knew right where to look for the bag?”

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  2. Oh… I had a similar flame story… caught a kitchen curtain on fire…. one panel doesn’t cover the same as two. Yeah… that didn’t end well either. But it did reinforce the “Don’t play with matches” rule!

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  3. Have been having a hard time commenting and/or “liking” your posts without signing in all the time…thinking maybe it’s at “my end”, but don’t know…

    Anyway, loved this post. Reminded me of a time the Princess and I threw water on a Presto log in our outside fireplace…..fire singed the neighbor’s wall!!! Scared the beekeepers outta us!!! :>)

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    • i’m sorry it’s been so challenging. sadly, i am one of the worst tech people on the planet, so i’m not sure how to help make it easier. maybe unfollow and then refollow me? like my solution to most tech issues, unplug, turn off, and start over. doesn’t always work. glad you enjoyed the post and glad everything ended up okay with the presto log!


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