find the safe spot.


after enjoying a day that finally hit a balmy 60 degrees (above zero!)

when home and relaxing at last

the tornado sirens started blasting

tv news was covering the local map live

updating the movement of the storm minute by minute

texts from the sheriffs buzzed saying to take cover.

because i live in an old cottage with no basement to be found

ย i went to my safe room (aka the bathroom) to hang out for a while

luckily, my natural survival instincts kicked in

and i took the following items with me to ride out the weather:

phone, laptop. chargers, flashlight, book, hot tea,

and for some unexplained reason –

an uncooked spaghetti squash.

i then decided that i might as well just take a lavender bath

enjoy my book and tea

and let the chips/cottage fall as they may

no worries.

balance was quickly restored

when the weather soon passed us by

and best of all

my spaghetti squash was still intact.


“there is a safe spot within every tornado. my job is to find it.”

-david copperfield




image credit: lush uk

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  1. ๐Ÿ˜‰ impeccable….. only I envision the picture of you in your bathtub, surrounded by your survival items in an de-roofed house in the open!
    Still, glad it passed you by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. KSBeth – Wow glad the tornado left you and the spaghetti squash alone. Somehow I hit the magic delete button this morning. Then I restored your comment. Theoretically it is coming back. It might be in that tornado. Maybe once I post this it will magically reappear. Anyway the learning is the fun part of gardening !

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  4. I quake at the sound of those sirens. But I like your courage. I have taken my belongings to the basement and camped out watching one humorous show or another….I’ll be laughing if the daggone things ever come near. Nervous, fear induced laughter!

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