moving to simplicity.


and so I have sold the cottage 

the place where I have lived the longest

 where I have spent some of my best years

after a whirling roller coaster ride of a sale

each grandie takes a fairy house

to begin a village at their own home

family and friends help with the first steps

to move the things that I most want to keep

into a small space

(some of my grandies working hard)

then arrive at a daughter’s house

for a short stay

with olive the cat not the oil, in tow

while I await my new home

still to be in ann arbor

as I move to simplify my life

and live near what matters to me most

 family, friends,

the natural beauty of a park, the water, a garden

and a town which is only a short walk away.

(not my new home, but pretty comfortable)

in what can best be described as a ‘math miracle”

there is room to spare after filling this small space

with only my favorite things.

interesting to consider how much space

we would each need

to store

only those things that we really want to keep.

the adventure continues

along a path that is never a straight course

but always exactly right where I need to be.

“all deep changes are preceded by chaos.”

-deepak chopra

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  1. wishing you much happiness at your new home ! be sure and boil up 9 oranges in water, put the water into a spritzer bottle and then spray the corners of the home to bring joy into your new life ! <3. Odd fairy trick from a rather odd fairy downunder x miss g.

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  2. Congratulations on your new home, Beth! And congratulations too on downsizing. My husband and I did that in 2017, and were surprised — as you are — to find that we were actually happier with less space and less stuff. I hope that in time your new place will be filled with as many happy memories as your beloved old cottage was.

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    • I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist and did not want to move anything that I didn’t really want or need,so pretty easy to put it back in the universe.)


  3. I am very happy for you, Beth. I know you are off on a great new adventure. You had a sweet time at the cottage and will experience new angles at the exciting new location to come, I am confident!
    Keeping only your best-cherished and most-needed belongings is a wonderful start!

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  4. I’m conflicted. LOLOL Maybe it’s the use of the word “cottage.” I wish you all the best…love…light…joy…happiness…new adventures and a wonderful magical new home. Fairies will follow you wherever you go. They’re like that, you know. Once they love you, they stay near by. Moving in will be fun, finding places to put your things and making Olive happy. 🙂 Please keep the story going, so we can all move along with you and Olive. Hugs and have fun.

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  5. Beth, do I understand correctly: It’s YOU who is moving?! You are only one of so many who do this right now (plus/minus a few months). What’s the matter?! We try to sell our house too but it won’t shift…. Situation in France must be so much different. It’s – some days – very demoralizing, others I just accept it, but it’s also funny as right now 3 of my online friends are ‘on the move’!! It’s such a stressful time too and all of us are going back to a ‘simpler life’, back to downsizing, to live in less space, I learned to do that with Hero Husband’s ‘time-limited’ mini rental in Switzerland (where he is working full-time, but still being a resident in France) – not a luxury place at all, washing up to be done by hand, the bathroom is full of living things, but it has a balcony and we were able to furnish it from ‘excess’ stuff from our house! Already THAT thought…. that we have enough stuff to fill another 2 piece/room apt. Had to buy a bed though…. 🙂

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  6. Your heartfelt poem shares the struggles with changing locations. Downsizing is difficult, but I have found there is very little that I miss after I let it go. Embrace the change! It may be better than you hoped for. Love the photo!

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