bringing in the may.


kinder’s hair shows signs of spring. 

‘as full of spirit as the month of may, and as gorgeous as the sun in midsummer. ‘     

-william shakespeare

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  1. you are a teacher, aren’t you? The only beef I have with your ‘kinder’, is the fact that Kinder is plural of Kind (one)…. but that’s a very minor one 😉
    Also, what I love about this word is that although it’s pronounced differently it still implies to me ‘kind’ness…. 🙂 So, have another smiley 🙂

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    • you are correct, and in writing this blog I have wrestled with these words. (in English child/children). I think it could be confusing for the readers for me to use ‘kind/kinder’ in my writing, in a German way, as they carry such a strong meaning in English, and it’s an ongoing question for me. one I have yet to master. )

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