stop filling all the spaces.









as you simplify,

let the extra spaces

in your home,

on your calendar

and in your mind

be empty for awhile.

the emptiness may be uncomfortable at first,

but that’s where the answers lie.

soon you’ll have room for what you really want.


source:  be more with less.

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  1. That’s funny. This morning I had a 45′ phone with a friend. She said to me: What are you doing (…. in your house, being often alone, etc….) and I replied: I love having some spaces in my agenda free – and then I fill them with reading, corresponding with bloggers, writing! Little did I know that this theme would come up only hours later!

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  2. Such good advice. Silences and emptiness can be so uncomfortable, so difficult to manage… But so important sometimes. There doesn’t always need to be something filling space, just for the sake of filling space.

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