war letters.


“I don’t think any man can exactly explain combat. It’s beyond words.”   Soldier, WWII

Based on newly discovered personal correspondence from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War, War Letters brings to life vivid eyewitness accounts of famous battles, intimate declarations of love and longing, poignant letters penned just before the writer was killed, and heartbreaking “Dear John” letters from home.  

War Letters
premiered on television in 2001.

Visit American Experience for bonus videos,

timelines and transcripts of letters from war. 

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“letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them.”

-johann wolfgang von goethe



dedicated to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day and every day.



sources: pbs.org, American Expérience, Chapman University, chapman.edu

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  1. Tweets won’t keep the way letters will. Here’s hoping that art never really dies.

    Also, I’m drawn to the thoughts of those who serve today and go through such atrocities as they do in war – and must try to come home and adjust. My heart hurts for them.

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  2. Is there anything to compare with writing a letter or receiving one? I have kept so many over the years and it is still a joy to sit and read some of them from time to time.

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