grandma or google.


when driving with grandie f

he asked me 

 what a ‘party line’ was.

he said it was mentioned

in an article he was reading

and it advised him to

 ‘ask a grandma or google’

if he needed an explanation.

I think that was a brilliant suggestion

they understood

that between the two sources

we have most everything covered. 

“as I learned from growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.”

-prince william


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    • oops -beth (I know the ‘k’ in my name is deceiving) . glad you enjoyed a happy slice of life with this ) I love being a grandmother and thought it was hilarious


  1. The best thing is that if she doesn’t immediately know the answer, grandma does know how to ask Google too. This one, though, Beth, we got covered, even though I think we probably only saw party lines on TV shows and never had them in our houses.

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