team spirit.


first game of the year

and lots of excitement buzzing around town

most everyone embraces it

even the new arrivals on campus

on sorority/frat row

and the car wash

that stays open and works

while also hosting tailgaters

complete with

buses, games, food, and mini bar

now that’s team spirit.


“you are either supporting the vision or supporting division” 

― saji ijiyemi


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    • oh, the meaning of tailgaters here is a bit different. this is in reference to people who gather before a sports event/game, in a field or lot or yard, to celebrate the event. people bring cars, trucks, or campers and cook out, play games, and have beverages. all ages are involved sometimes. it’s generally a positive.

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  1. Our squads won this first weekend, Beth! I have my dilemma this coming Saturday. Hometown Syracuse travels to play at my alma mater, Maryland. I think you know which one I will be rooting form at the heart of it, though, as I must.

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