to say that the detroit lions

have not played like a top tier team in a long time

is an understatement. 

I found this display

in the middle of a big box hardware store

with no explanation

and loved the artistic statement it made. 

this still somewhat hopeful

and ever loyal fan

has been waiting quite a long time for a win.

that is strong and that is funny.

“i’m a hopeful cynic.”

-tracy chapman

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  1. Well, if you are a football fan, you know that a week ago, EVERY SINGLE TEAM was Super Bowl bound…this week, perhaps not as much…one game does not a season make, but a lot of players are looking into the mirror and deciding if they have what it takes to stay competitive…we’ll see!

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    • The last time the Lions truly had a solid team was, in my opinion, 1970. They went 10-4 which could have very easily been 12-2 or 11-3. Since then, they’ve had good squads on occasion, but key injuries or an unbelievable turn of events ruined promising seasons.

      As a kid, I was crushed time and again by such events and wanted to adopt another favorite team. I remember trying to like the Cowboys, but it just didn’t work. If you’re a real fan, you can’t just run with somebody else; you stick with your team through thick and thin. With Lions fans, it’s just thin and thin with very few sparkles of thick (the ’91 season was mostly nice).

      This year’s team holds some promise, so we’ll just have to see how it pans out. That said, after decades of following this team, I won’t be holding my breath or get too giddy over a few sparks. I’ll just keep rooting…

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