nailed it.


I stopped by a new nail salon on my way home from school today

where I met a nail tech from Cambodia 

 we had a bit of a hard time understanding each other

but had a mostly unspoken friendly rapport between us

the rain started pouring down really hard outside

I noticed I was the only customer in the whole salon

and the hallmark channel was on 

showing holiday tv movies

with subtitles

the whole staff was watching

I had come just in time for the last 15 minutes of the current movie

where the man and woman met again

right before she was almost leaving town to go home forever 

and he had decided to stay and not go to the big city

a special dog was found, it was Christmas Eve, in a small town,

with a big misunderstanding, the whole town was at one event

 somehow it all suddenly came together and worked out

and as the final scene played out on screen

my nail guy stood up smiling and nodding with tears in his eyes

looking around at his co-workers and down at me

and it made me tear up and smile too

as we had found our common ground.

“anyway, stories bring us together to find common ground, to find our way through life together, or just to entertain us, and I am just thrilled to be a part of that process.”

-dorothea benton frank




image credit: pinterest

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  1. brilliant! You wd greatly enjoy THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS – by the incredible ‘newbie’ RUTH HOGAN, in fact, your little daily bites are a bit like The Keeper’s Compilation….. Enjoy
    (you may and will thank me later, I know it!)

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  2. Sweet connection……………..
    And your picture of the cat wearing “soft paws” brought back memories.
    Taffy, our cat, would immediately start chewing them off until the job was complete……….and then we’d start all over again…………..fu……tile!!!
    Happy Halloween Parade!!

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  3. Okay, call me a sap (wherever THAT expression came from) but now I have tears in my eyes. Such a perfect single moment of shared understanding and compassion and, yes, love for the human race. Yes, perhaps I’m “globalizing” as I’ve been accused of, but I just love this scene. Thank you for sharing it!
    And I’m so sorry that Dorthea Benton Frank passed – way too early. Her books were full of finding common ground.

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  4. This was a sweet, sweet story. Just like a Hallmark movie. I tape every new one and even some old movies to watch again. How can you not love them? We are all more alike than different and the differences are what make us interesting. Love the cat with painted nails. 😉

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