kid congress.


my grandson, Jackson (in the green shirt and shorts)

who loves

people, animals, kindness, dancing, laughing, and tacos

has become a part of a new kid congress

a group springing from the legacy of

 ‘kid president’

(who has now grown into a young man)

with a mission to show

that kids can help to change the world for the better

thank you to kid president for passing the torch

 giving more kids the opportunity to bring good to the world

i couldn’t be prouder of these little people with gigantic hearts.

(if you have two minutes, use the link below to meet the new congress)

“children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”  

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States



credits:, soul pancake

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  1. That’s hopeful and interesting. Years and years ago I saw one or two posts of the Kid President on YT. I thought it was the most unreal thing and believed it just was an awful ‘corrupted kid’ presentation with some political stuff thrown in. I’m SO glad to see now that it wasn’t. I just wasn’t even interested in following that up, until now! So YAY, good on your grandkid and his ‘partners in crime’ – I now hope it goes on and on – to a bright(er) future. Thank you for this eye-opener.

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