this is not me

but we both

always have green eyes

usually wear glasses

sometimes like to get fancy   

and never fail to enjoy ice cream 

what better time to celebrate national ice cream day than a week before winter begins?

“i doubt whether the world holds for anyone a more soul-stirring surprise

than the first adventure with ice cream.”

-heywood broun


image credit: christine de carvalho, darling lola designs ‘ice cream bae’ in watercolor

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  1. Is that true, you have a National Ice Cream Day just before winter comes up???? I’ll never….
    I can’t understand that passion for ice cream at any time in the year. I gasped when I lived in the UK and would find, any given day, be it a cold, wet, miserable or hot one, people with cones in ‘the open’….
    Or girls in the middle of the (relatively balmy, compared to – let’s say – Minnesota meteo) winter sans tights, high heels, the shortest dresses, and ice creams in their hands. I, a winter-accustomed Swiss, would be, in comparison, all onion-skinned-lulled-up, mittens, hat, shawl, boots…. the full Monty! 🙂

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  2. you know that i LOVE this! looks like my disney cat best friend who is now in a box with her paw print which breaks my heart…so this perked me up. again, my LIKE machine is giving me fits? love you and your cat and kids!

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