found on a medieval tapestry

the hedgehog 

was known to go into the vines

and emerge with the grapes

what could be more perfect?

and why not a Christmas hedgehog?

“the fox has many tricks. the hedgehog has but one. but that is the best of all.”

-ralph waldo emerson




image credits: british medieval history, elaine treharne, dave pilling

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  1. I’m blown away – once more! – by your exquisite talent to find the very best ‘marriages’ of pic & words. I also didn’t know this particular Emerson quote.
    Now I want a Christmas hedgehog (hérisson in French and I always think it sounds so prickly with that sharp pointed double S)!!!!!!
    Wishing you and your beloved ones a wonderful, glorious Christmas and a pretty good New Year with 366 days to play around with.

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  2. I’m a child of the 1950s. I took one look at that hedgehog, and was transported back to the parties where the buffet tables always included cubes of cheese and olives on fancy toothpicks — stuck into every sort of holder. It looks to me as though your hedgehog is partying with a load of olives and peppers on its back! Merry Christmas!

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