after making the decision

to challenge my traffic ticket

(I’m innocent, for the record)

my scheduled hearing

has been adjourned twice.

 in today’s mail

I received the new date

for my next potential hearing.

I had to laugh

when I picked up the new envelope

(for the third time now)

and it once again clearly read:


just above my name

with the court address In the return corner

 I have to wonder

just what major crime

my mr. rogers sweet and friendly mailman

 thinks I may have committed?

‘we find the defendants incredibly guilty.’

– mel brooks

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  1. Excellent food for thought. In my case, my carrier precisely knows my political preference because I donated to a political campaign once and now I regularly receive maulers from that party only. I hope he’s in the same ‘team’!

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  2. NOW, all of a sudden, I understand your mail in reply to my card I sent you….. I wondered what I had missed – now I know. Isn’t it incredible, how far we must go sometimes to get a bit of justice?! I’m frankly too exhausted by the daily life to fight back – I’d pay and make a little fist in my pocket.
    Good luck!

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  3. Haha! I didn’t think about that the mailman would keep seeing the letters. 🙂 Fight that ticket! We got one for parking over the time limit even though we had gone somewhere and then come back and parked in a new place. We kept asking for the evidence (photos they are supposed to take of the tires) and obviously they didn’t have them since we had moved the car. Took about 6 months but they finally gave up.

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