in spite of all efforts

have i been able

to keep an orchid alive


in spite of a pot cracked 

on the very first day


fingers crossed

trying to care for it

this tiny orchid

has survived

 even thrived.

 a surprise new flower emerges.


“patience is the art of hoping.”

-luc de clapiers

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  1. I like your dedication….. Being probably the only person worldwide who is NOT liking orchids. When I was staying a while in Canada and travelled the USA, I saw ‘wild growing’ orchids climbing over trees, hanging from branches – and since then I can’t see them any longer. So, no love from me but admiration for you.

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  2. Nature survives despite my best efforts….that is how I usually react to plants and flowers…no matter what I do, I seem to have the “Anti-green thumb.” I have not stopped trying, however, and for some reason one plant is now thriving – I don’t know what I’m doing right, but I just keep doing it

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  3. Once an orchid realizes you have her best interest at heart, she will love you. I water my orchids with one-half of a shot glass every three weeks. They are thankful land last for several months. Keep on lovin’ the beautiful fairy creatures….

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