even more.


at the songbird cafe

extra pennies left

for those who might need them

along with a tiny paper crane

for those who might need this even more.


“a master of origami said he tried to express with paper the joy of life,

and the last thought before a man dies.”

-tor udall, a thousand paper birds

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  1. Who couldn’t use a wee crane on a Monday? My girls and I would make peacocks and dogs and hopping frogs while we waited to be served in restaurants. They always wanted me to leave one behind for the server.

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  2. Pennies are the cause of so many lovely acts. I’ve thrown more than a few in fountains over the years, making wishes. My Mom used to put them in birthday cake when I was a kid. Unfortunately in Canada they have been taken out of circulation. (I still have a piggy bank full of them, awaiting some special project.)

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