“but which is the stone that supports the bridge?”

-kublai khan




ramsey canyon preserve, sierra vista, az – walking in beauty with my sister

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  1. What a wise and timely question Khan asked…. And what a deep meaning in these times! Wonderful, made me think of the Golden Gate Bridge where, as per sayings, one of the builders asked: What happens if my link I made doesnโ€™t work out fine? And the answer was: Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We can take this โ€˜storyโ€™ or analogy into our times and we have the answers right in front of us.
    How wonderful that you could have this walk with your sister, Beth.

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  2. I like Sierra Vista, especially the mountains around it. I thought it was a nice town. Military but nice. The only reason I did not land there was because my son said it was too small. I told him “well, phoenix valley is too big; it’s like Detroit”. So that’s how I ended up in Tucson. Truth.


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