a single source.


Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Washing Hands


today the detroit institute of arts

did their part to keep people safe and to aid in their healing.

art helps people in so many unexpected ways

and seems to naturally have that power.


‘Just as surgeons need to keep a sterile environment for the health of their patients, the DIA’s conservation, collections management, and curatorial teams often use protective equipment to preserve the health of the museum’s artworks. Today, we gathered up those materials — including Tyvek suits, swabs, masks, P95 mask cartridges, wiping cloths and 3,000 nitrile gloves — and delivered them to local hospitals.’ – dia


“at the deepest level.

the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source.

when you are an artist,

you are a healer;

a wordless trust of the same mystery

is the foundation of your work and your integrity.”

– dr. rachel naomi remen


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  1. So this is the true beating heart of America.. I believe it to my inner core. While our initial response may have been one of panic and hoarding, our deeper hearts are full of compassion and a desire to support those in need. We will come through this and we will be better people for having come so close to the edge of life as we know it.

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  2. I love the expressions on the two in the painting. Thanks. for the quote by Dr. Reman. I agree. We truly do create healing through our variety of words, music, arts, stories, and whatever we use to express ourselves. Our gifts reaches into the hearts of some, makes some think about their lives, makes some see beauty where they might not have seen it before.

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