of age.


not me, but someone in my age range with a similar level of enthusiasm


on my maiden voyage

into the world of

the senior grocery shopping hour

60 and up’s

i was

looking raggedy

with the

pallor of someone

who’s done hard time served in quarantine

 i was met at the door 

by a customer helper

who wiped down cart handles

as we each took one

in an orderly way

i was happily headed in

when a worker at the self-checkout

shot me a disdainful dirty look

i chalked it up to her being forced to be here under duress

 i shopped


moving among the others

mindful of age


people with less obvious challenges

trying to be happy and friendly

 as i was getting ready to leave

a fellow shopper approached me


“they really should check i.d. and you know what i mean!!”

it finally hit me 

that both negative reactions 

came in response to them doubting if i was really a senior

 i had to laugh and take it as a compliment

 thought back to my younger days

when i falsely tried to convince people i was ‘of age’

by using my oldest sister’s license as fake i.d.

funny how things change and stay the same. 


“none are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”

-henry david thoreau




image credit: animal planet

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  1. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” –attrib to Mark Twain.

    My niece has a child with a dangerous heart condition, making it difficult or even dangerous for him to walk long distances. She has a handicap tag on her car, but says she often gets dirty looks or even nasty comments from others when she parks in handicap spots so her child can walk in without using the wheelchair. She dreads the day her child is old enough to understand these mean spirited observations.

    You’re so lucky to look so young. I think about Barbara Bush, who was often mistaken for her husband’s mother.

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  2. Not to brag on it, Beth, but I too received the same No You Aren’t looks at the Seniors Shop hour at the local supermarket. I looked ‘em in the eye and silently said Yes I Am! I know from our past exchanges that you and are are the same vintage. We are fortunate to shop with ‘em and maybe perhaps not yet look like we belong.

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  3. Unbelievable. They thought you cheated. Where’s all that KINDNESS people think is out there? Hahahaha You look so young. Crabby people are everywhere and a virus won’t change them a bit. Still, funny and now looking young is a really GOOD thing. 🙂

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  4. A compliment indeed! When I bought 5 packages of cheese, the Cashier chastised me about buying more than the limit. I told her there was no sign by this cheese except ht one that said “buy 5 and save $5!” So, which rule do I follow?

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  5. I was carded well into my forties and then my appearance caught up with my age which is actually OK. Still, that comment is rude and unfeeling. You could be like my young neighbor who has some serious breathing problems and has to be very careful. I’m probably going to give this a shot next Wednesday when I can no longer pretend I don’t need bananas. 🙂 I love Thoreau’s quotation and he’s right. Again.

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  6. Great story and I totally see why that happened!
    Once when my daughter was being carded in a restaurant I asked the waitress if she would like to see my id also…once everyone stopped laughing, she said okay but, walked away.
    I guess she did have her glasses on! lol

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  7. That’s adorable, Beth, and I kind of guessed what the problem was with the first disgruntled look. You have a young-looking face even here, and your attitude is definitely young. Well, take it as a deep wonderful compliment. The more enthusiastic we are about “life,” the younger we be. xo

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  8. I love the quote! I know what you are talking about. I was surprised to find so many young couples strolling through the aisles without a care in the world during senior hour. But like you said, we are assuming something. You never know. There are many young people who are at risk for many reasons that we cannot see. You sure have a way to present that so we end up laughing. I look older than my 83 year old friend. Sigh. ;(

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  9. What a funny experience! You do not look like a senior citizen in your picture. But I know that feeling too. People have told me I look like I am in my fifties, or at least they used to. The youthful mirage lessens when I get out of the car with my cane. I have had back problems, and now arthritis in my knee. So the cane helps age me a little. Maybe you should get a cane to add a few years to your appearance. Just kidding. Still their reaction of your youthful appearance is also a sign of these times. There are still some wonderful and nice people in the world but some are just under a lot of stress and fear. Keep your inner child alive. That is the real thing that gives us our youthful

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