sign on a closed store window, found while walking in a very quiet downtown 


“life is such a rolling coaster, either you roll with it willingly,

or roll with it unwillingly, but you must roll either way.”

-blaze olamiday

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  1. Whoever came up with that sign is a genious. Here in Spain we have signs that say closed everywhere, plus scary other signs about how to go about the situation. I got it, it´s no joke to say the least, but might as well try to make the best of bad situations. You do have to be aware yet at the same time keep the balance to not go nuts. It´s not helping anybody if people go on a “freaky freeking”. That sign made me smile, we need more smile now a days, I don´t need people calling me telling me how freaked they are, I got it, and me… like the psychologist now.

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  2. So true. I’m stil working and using this time to work on my dream even more. I don’t want to confuse roll with the punches as just lie down and take but rather be reimded to always stamd tall and see the positive especially in darkness.

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  3. Rolling with it rather than rolling over is how I choose to look at it. We are working now to help more than just ourselves this time. Change is the only certainty in life and if we don’t roll with it, it will break us. Good one, Beth.

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