happy national cocktail day

in this era of zoom happy hours, the quarantini, and more than lots of stay home time

what have you been mixing up in your quarantine cave?

do you find yourself using

whatever you can scrounge up in your kitchen?

is your go-to

a cornhattan, pickled okra and tonic, dandelion/parsley wine, a salsa sour?

what have you managed to blend, shake, mix, mash, stir, or sling together

to create your new signature drink?

all cocktails and mocktails welcome here.

“life is a crazy mixture of intoxicating cocktails.”

-ken poirot 


image credit: lisa zador

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  1. I have upped my game and combinations on spritzers. The base is a bubble water with a generous squeeze of lemon or lime. I have played with a variety of add ins and combos: Rose, Honey Jack Daniels, Apple Jack Daniels, Aperol, Rum and Tequila. I’m having fun as all I have is time and nothing to lose.

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  2. I have not mixed anything exotic, Beth, but I have taken to eating leftovers many days past what I had become accustomed to. For lunch yesterday: Pizza slices that were new, oh, nine days prior. Pizza’s always good, and 400 degrees in the oven is a great prep, I convinced myself.

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  3. When I was a kid, I loved playing chemistry, mixing things up. I still do. The gotos recently: hard seltzer, merlot (I’m down to 5 bottles! Yikes!), good IPA, and in honor of John Prine, vodka and ginger ale.

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  4. Whoo-hoo! I’m onboard with National Cocktail Day (now that I know about it)… but I’m going to cry because liquor is too hard for me to get. Here, you expose yourself to crowds with nobody being responsible — then you can only buy one container (because somebody decided the homeless were sharing from a bottle and spreading the virus — in stead of doing something to help the homeless)…
    At least I can get over priced wine online (eventually, delivery takes awhile)… So now that the rant/whine is out of my system, my quarantine “cocktail” is just a wine cooler. I make my version of a Salty Dog, with dry white wine, grapefruit juice, a little water, a pinch of salt, and served in a glass with a salted rim. Very refreshing.
    Hugs on the wing!

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  5. Perfect for the times…and otherwise…Oregon’s liquor stores have been open, so stocking up was not too hard, if the $ are there. Binging on sitcom Mom (hmmm, about rehab!) and various mixed adult beverages involving vodka, tequila….plus new Irish whiskey…Slane. And no driving! Enjoy all!!!! 🥃🍹

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  6. My wife and I have done a few Zoom mixers where people catch up over drinks, and we also took part in a cocktail making class with 20 others, which an expert mixologist leading us through the history and creation of three classic drinks!

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