after consulting with

my bazooka bubblegum wrapper

to consider my fortune

i see that it really

summed it all up


in just five words:


“i have absolutely no idea.”


‘henceforth I ask not good fortune. i myself am good fortune.”

– Walt Whitman, from Song of the Open Road 

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  1. Do they still exist? They were a bit the highlight of my childhood days! I haven’t seen them in Switzerland nor any other country I lived in – like – forever!


  2. more to that theme:
    VeryBritishProblems (Twitter feed of) @SoVeryBritish
    *Ways to say “I have no idea what you just said”:*
    I see
    Leave it with me
    Haha, yes
    Okay great
    Say that again
    Is that so?
    So funny!
    Can you put it in an email?
    Definitely something to think about
    We’ll see
    *Just smile and nod*


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