standing in my yard

a child

 small among the birch trees

i would slowly peel away the bark

creating the most delicate pieces of beautiful paper

a gift from the tree

uncurled and waiting to be my papyrus.


“out of sight above the house, the mirror moon reflected the sun of a day not yet dawned,

shining the pale light of tomorrow on the yard and on the paper birches.”

 -dean koontz




image credit: white birch fragrance oil

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  1. I loved the imagery created here of you as a child … “creating the most delicate pieces of beautiful paper” …

    Birch trees have been one of my favourite trees for many years. There is an artist, Bev Doolittle (, who uses birch trees and other natural phenomena in many of her works and she is known as a … ” “camouflage artist” because her distinctive use of context, design and pattern help viewers discover meanings which seem hidden only until they become obvious.” We have a couple of her works on our wall, but sadly none with birch trees … going to check that out right now! An excellent post.


  2. Birch trees bring back special memories of youthful walks in the Vermont forests. There was one special spot of hundreds of white birch that made its own oasis among other hardwoods and firs. Thank you for stimulating that memory.

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