secret forts.


grandie j heads out

mohawk helmet on

backpack filled

with pokemon cards, water, hope

off on his bike to meet friends 

at their ‘secret fort’

in the neighborhood.

after he makes his grand exit

grandie b, left behind, shares –

“we all have the same secret fort, but no one knows it.”


“well i know the secret places. and the nests in hedge and tree;

at what doors are friendly faces, in what hearts are thoughts of me.”

-henry wadsworth longfellow

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  1. Beautifully written, Beth! Brought back memories of my own childhood secret fort in the woods behind our home. This must be a classic right of passage for kids. And as usual, you could not have picked a more relevant quote. Well done!

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  2. Beth, this brought me back to my days wondering around the forests of Cuenca (in Castilla-La Mancha) as a child. We had found some “treasure” which in fact were old military items left behind after the Civil War and forgotten in the bush…great quote as well. Beautiful!

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  3. I love Longfellow. I was out with the beans, squash, sunflowers and bees this morning thanking them all for keeping me company in these strange times. They just said, “think nothing of it” and a bee took off with almost more pollen than he could carry in his little hip buckets. I guess we’re a community.

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