butter on your birthday.



“i was 32 when i started cooking; up until then i just ate.” -jc

happy memorial birthday to julia child,

american chef extraordiniare , rebel, eccentric, pioneer, lover of all things butter

and the one who brought the art of french cooking to america.

“with enough butter anything is good.”

-julia child

“miss child is never bashful with butter”

-phil donahue 


jc -i plan to whittle a stick of butter into a smaller stick of butter today in your honor. 



image credits: (b/w) google. com, (color) butter sculptures, pennsylvania state fair




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  1. How funny, just yesterday we spoke about that film with Meryl Streep – it was one of the most heartwarming films ever and never having known about Julia Child before, it was to me certainly Streep’’s double act as ‘then and now’ Julia…. Thanks for your adding a few extra buttery calories to your memorational jc meal!

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  2. For all the fine cuisine Julia Child created, she was still a fan of junk food: she loved hot dogs, and when McDonald’s started cooking their fries in vegetable oil instead of lard, she wrote a letter of protest.

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  3. I read this aloud to my daughter and we both had a great laugh to start the day. I’d like to see your stick of whittled butter. 😉 Julia C. was quite the woman. Going where no woman had gone before. I so admired her. I’m still just eating though. 😉

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  4. Her love of cooking – and life – was as big as she was. I admired the fact that she learned to cook later in life, after having been a spy! And she was all about finding a way. She also said, “if you’re afraid of butter, use cream”. 😋

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