at a lake house with a few friends

watching the storm roll in

on a peaceful afternoon.


“there is peace even in the storm”

-vincent van gogh, the letters of vincent van gogh

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  1. Those big storms are awesome. I remember driving from Charlevoix to Lansing and having to pull over under a bridge because we couldn’t see. Lightning was a continuous strobe and thunder was constant. The rain was relentless. I was impressed.

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  2. We had one like this last week – sitting peacefully in the shadow of our ground floor flat’s sitting area and within minutes we had a ‘firework’ of lightnings, thunderclaps, and a deluge of rain – it was a wonderful moment, the air cleared, the rass started to smell fresh and lush, the flowers heaved a sigh of happiness – and so did we!

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  3. I used to live in the Dakotas when I was growing up. In California, we tend to get slow, steady rain in the winter, not the downpours and thunderstorms that I remember

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  4. It keeps seeming this close to storming here, and then … it just remains four-shirts-a-day hot, without any of the wonder of a storm.

    And, still I look out at the temporarily gray sky and find myself thinking, for the dozenth time in a row, “Maybe tonight?!?!”

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