so proud to be a member from way back

of the ‘look it up club’

i was very shy and quiet

but once i learned to read

the world opened up to me

i ‘mastered’ the encyclopedia

and never stopped looking things up.


“true merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.”

-edward wood, 1st Earl of Halifax

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  1. I was writing in my journal last night while my computer was rebooting with a new update. I needed a word check, so I reached for the Webster. A little slower, I think, but boy did it feel good to hold that book in my hands.

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  2. I love this – what a great recognition, Beth 🙂 We had a set of World Book Encyclopedias growing up – so easy to look things up in, although I guess Google is easier now. Still, if we had them, I might still go to them!

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  3. I loved my encyclopedias and had several sets for my children until they became so outdated on so much of the information. I keep several dictionaries and thesaurus’ for reference. The hold the house down with their volume size. The sad part is I can’t make the print bigger so I always have to ask for help reading them. Google, has lots of answers and I can and do make the print quite large to see it by myself. Same with my e-books. I love hard copies to share but I read them from my reader so I can make the print LARGE! 🙂 My favorite posts are those where I have to research information.

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