look up.


even if

there is not a bird meeting

going on way up high and overhead

it’s good to be aware

   have a plan 

for when the sentinels

guarding their castle

make their move. 


“there’s always a reason to look up.”


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  1. I’m forever wondering
    Why the sentinels are not flying
    What are they guarding?
    Beyond the above
    I want to ask the dove
    Is there more to life, than love?
    … the following music/video goes for 13mins, but well worth listening to…

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  2. I subscribe with a pained smile. Because I *never* look down, I fell yesterday AND today when leaving the toilets in the same restaurant. There is a small ministep of maybe 2cm (<1in,) and both days I fell heavily into the door opposite, yesterday luckily I rather stumbled, but today fell on both (already pretty damaged) knees. Hurts like back and I am not sure Arnica helps….. So, Posey is proven wrong, sadly.

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