to market, to market.


as i was scanning my groceries

in the self-checkout line

this unusual impulse-buy display was sitting next to me

a combo of giant candy bars and mini bottles of tequila

someone thought this marketing idea

would be a good fit for the market

the perfect mix to send you on your way and start your day off right!

it’s 2020 – what could possibly go wrong?


โ€œmarket like the year you are in!โ€

-gary vaynerchuck

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  1. Good marketing strategy there, Beth. I have been tempted by the candy bars before but now on a diet I think I would pass. Tequila? Not this Kentucky girl’s idea of the perfect drink. I’ll take bourbon, thank you very much. But if I found the bottles empty, that would work as well.

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  2. I’m afraid my eyes would glaze over after seeing the almond joy, kit kat and payday’s and I would not even notice the little bottles of tequila. Now if it was Jagermeister, my eyes would go there first. Candy or booze puts me to sleep. Together, I’d be comatose. Must need to get rid of some overstock there. Still shaking my head here. Thanks for the morning wake up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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